Fs chartreuxcatacombs
The Chartreux Catacombs lie beneath Chartreux Graveyard outside Mayberk Manor and are the home to many ghosts that haunt the dungeon.



  • Ghost
  • Vile Bat
  • Rattlesnake
  • Skeletal Soldier
  • Ghost Mage


  • Master Ghost


  • Crypt Key x1
  • Recall Lamp x1
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Mystery Juice x1
  • Scale Armor x1
  • Pocketwatch
  • Copper Coin x1200
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Doll Hand
  • Memory Photo 6
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Crypt Key x1
  • Guardian Drop x1
  • Power Drop x1
  • Good Child Drop x1
  • Thieves' Key

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