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Fs sana
Sana Poanet is one of the protagonists of Fortune Summoners and Arche Plumfield's best friend. Sana specializes in water and healing magic.



  • Staff Smack (level 1)
  • Water Shoot (level 1)
  • Diamond Dust (level 1/3 MP)
  • Heal Water (level 1/4 MP)
  • Shield (level 3/2 MP)
  • Sleep Mist (level 4/3 MP)
  • Splash (level 5/2 MP)
  • Mermaid Robe (level 6/2 MP)
  • Turbid Squall (level 7/3 MP)
  • Leap Back (level 8)
  • Heal Water II (level 9/6 MP)
  • Force Field (level 11/5 MP)
  • Antidote (level 13/4 MP)
  • Diamond Dust II (level 14/6 MP)
  • Shield II (level 15/5 MP)
  • Mirror Image (level 17/5 MP)
  • Teleportation (level 19/6 MP)
  • Water Blow (level 21/8 MP)
  • Heal Mist (level 23/12 MP)

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