Fs stella
Stella Mayberk is one of the protagonists of Fortune Summoners and a fellow classmate of Arche at the Minasa-Ratis Magic School. She specializes in fire magic.



  • Stab (level 3)
  • Fire Handling (level 3)
  • Leap Back (level 3)
  • Fire Wall (level 3/3 MP)
  • Chaser (level 4/4 MP)
  • Phoenix (level 7/4 MP)
  • Disintegrate (level 9/3 MP)
  • Blade (level 11/3 MP)
  • Inferno (level 12/5 MP)
  • Life Force (level 14/4 MP)
  • Interceptor (level 16/5 MP)
  • Fire Wall II (level 17/6 MP)
  • Phoenix II (level 19/7 MP)
  • Chaser II (level 20/8 MP)
  • Explosion (level 21/9 MP)
  • Cerberus (level 23/11 MP)

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