Fs tonkiness gate
The Town of Tonkiness is a town in Scotsholm and where Arche and some of her friends live. It is the first town Arche begins her journey.



Arche's Home (Item Store)


Arms ShopEdit

Item ShopEdit

  • Mentama Drop - 5cp
  • Herb - 10cp
  • Venon-Away - 7cp
  • Pot - 60cp
  • Taiyaki - 6cp (requires Taiyaki)
  • Slime Bean - 12cp (requires Slime Bean)
  • Walnut Chocolate - 14cp (requires Walnut Chocolate)
  • Better Herb - 18cp (requires Better Herb)
  • Life Dew - 96cp (requires Honey and Holy Water)
  • Mind Chocolate - 290cp (requires Magic Candy and Charming Cocoa)
  • Revival Drink - 350cp (requires Water of Life and Cleitcaithream)
  • Recall Lamp - 500cp (requires Broken Lamp and White Whale Oil)
  • White Sword - 33500cp (requires Org Sword and White Iron Ore)

Capsule MachineEdit


  • Woven Gloves - 180cp
  • Blue Dress - 90cp
  • Green Dress - 90cp
  • Blue Hairband - 50cp
  • Green Hairband - 50cp
  • Blue Smock - 85cp
  • Red Beret - 42cp
  • Green Clothes - 38cp
  • Green Hat - 22cp
  • Magician's Outfit - 30500cp

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